Chanel CH3222Q Lady's Optical Glasses Frame Black

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Optic Lenses: *

Prescription - Right Eye (OD)/SPH :

Prescription - Right Eye (OD)/CYL :

Prescription - Right Eye (OD)/Axis 0 - 180:

Prescription - Right Eye (OD)/ADD:

Prescription - Left Eye (OS)/SPH :

Prescription - Left Eye (OS)/CYL :

Prescription - Left Eye (OS)/Axis 0 - 180:

Prescription - Left Eye (OS)/ADD:

Pupillary Distance (PD):

Extra Information:

Lens Thickness:


Lens Color Tint:

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Chanel CH3222Q Lady's Optical Glasses Frame Black

Frame Measurement:

Lens Width Bridge Width Temple Length
54 mm 16 mm 140 mm

Packing List: Frames; Original Case; Cloth; Card


 1: Progressive lenses, the Lens Height must be more than 30mm;
 2: Bifocal lenses, the Lens Height must be more than 28mm;
 3: Polycarbonate lenses can not be made of photochromic;
 4: 1.57 Progressive & Bifocal lenses can be made of photochromic, other index Progressive & Bifocal lenses can not.
All single vision is ok.


  • Prescription glasses are only returnable within 14 days in perfect condition and only the frame component of the glasses can be returned.
  • Buyer confirm all entered information above and they match prescription and the prescription is not over 2 years old.

Prior to place an order for Optical Glasses:

It's simple and only takes three easy steps:

1. Have your eyeglass prescription available or get an eye exam for a current prescription from your optometrist and ask for a legible prescription and be sure to ask your doctor for your PD (pupillary distance) measurement. Legally, your doctor must provide you with a written copy of your prescription.
2. Pick out your desired frames at,
3. Submit your prescription at the same page together when you add your frame to shopping cart, or just send it to us via Fax / email and then pay for your item. Allow time for your glasses to reach your front door!


How to read your prescription:

Sphere - Indicates the strength of your prescription, distance prescriptions will usually have a (-) before the number.
reading prescriptions will usually have a (+) before the number.

Cylinder - Indicates astigmatism.
* Not all prescriptions have a cylinder and some prescriptions have a cylinder in only one eye.
* If you don't have astigmatism correction - it mean that you don't have Cylinder in your prescription. Your doctor may leave the field blank, but they might also put Sph, 00, Plano, or DS - they all mean the same: No Cylinder!

Axis - Astigmatism's degree.
The Cylinder (Cyl) and Axis are always provide together.
* Axis should be a number between 1 - 180 (degree) and will always be a whole number.
* If your Axis is written as "6", it can be entered as 06 or 006.

ADD - Magnification power for Bi-fical & Progressives.
The Additional Value (ADD) is commonly used for Bi-focal or progressives lenses as well as reading lenses.
* It may be written in the near vision (N.V.) or "ADD" section of the prescription.
* Sometime your doctor will write the "ADD" once - it will be equal for both eyes. Just insert for same number twice when ordering.
* If your prescription has an "ADD" and you only want single vision distance glasses - simply leave the "ADD" off of your prescription when ordering.
* If you are buying reading glasses, be sure to leave "ADD" on your prescription!

Measure the frame size and pick the right frame:


Knowing the lenses:

* 1.5 Standard Lens - Standard (CR39 plastic polymer material) lens available in a multitude of tinting options.
Very high impact resistance and durability.

* 1.6 Super Thin Lens - Up to 30% thinner than Standard 1.5 lens, suitable to rimless frames.

* 1.6 Polycarbonate Lens - Up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses. Up to 30% thinner than Standard 1.5 lens. Lightweight and optically clear, protect from sun's harmful UV rays.
More durable and scratch resistant than plastic and glass lenses.

* 1.67 Ultra Thin Lens - Up to 40% thinner than Standard 1.5 lens, perfect for user wanting a stylish and elegant finish. Suitable to rimless frames.

* 1.74 Extreme Thin Lens - Up to 50% thinner than Standard 1.5 lens, the thinnest lens on the market. Up to 3 times lighter than Standard 1.5 lens, suitable for severe ametropia.
The most aesthetically pleasing lens available on the market.

* Polarised Lens - As with Standard lenses, polarised lenses protect against harmful UV and blue light rays. Unlike regular lenses, they eliminate glare that is reflected from wet and shiny surface such as water, roads, dash boards and other cars - suitable for driving.
They are also suitable for sports such as fishing and water sports, blocking out any horizontal light that is reflected from the water, ice or snow.

* Photochromic / Reactorlite Lens - Reactorlite lenses are engineered to change and respond to different light conditions. The brighter the light the darker the lenses become: the lenses will then gradually return to their original form when light exposure descreases.
Reactorlite lenses also help protect your eyes from harmful rays and enhance contrast.

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